Research group Engineering Dynamics (ED)

The dynamical behaviour of structures and mechanisms is at the center of the research and teaching tasks of the Engineering Dynamics group. 

The Engineering Dynamics group includes a small number of staff members and is hosting several PhD students doing research in exciting fields such as Vibration analysis, Multibody simulation and experimental dynamics. The passion for our research is the drive for the teaching we provide both to MSc and BSc students. 

The ED group is part of the PME department.



The ED group offers lectures for the Masters phase of the education. The group provides lectures on the fundamentals of dynamics as well as more advanced classes on topics including experimental mechanics, numerical methods and non-linear dynamics.


The ED group strives to pioneer new ideas and imagine better solutions in the fields of structural vibrations, non-linear dynamics and experimental dynamics.  Our research topics address open problems in the fields of non-linear dynamics and fluid-structure interaction of macro, micro and nano systems with innovations in experimental, theoretical and numerical investigation.

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