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Born 1960 the Netherlands. 1978-1984 Ingenieurs degree (M.Sc.) cum laude in department of "metaalkunde" (metals science) at Delft University of Technology (Netherlands). 1984-1988 Ph.D. in the department of Materials Science, UC Berkeley (California, USA), thesis research on ab initio prediction of alloy phase diagrams. 1989-1993 metallurgist, research associate at Lawrence Berkeley (national) Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, working on tight-binding electronic structure, cluster variation, alloy theory. 1994-1995 visiting assoc. prof., IMR, (Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan), site preference in complex intermetallics. 1996 associate physicist, BNL (New York, USA) phonons. 1997-2005 assoc. prof., IMR, (Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan), phase stability in complex intermetallics, clathrates and other materials, development of full potential all-electron mixed basis method, development of empirical potentials for modeling hydrocarbons in zeolites, DFT studies of coupling in dilute magnetic semiconductors. 2005- Dept. MSE TU Delft, (Delft, Netherlands) phase stability in aluminum alloys, complex carbides, Frank-Kasper phases.

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