Master of Science programmes

The faculty of 3mE offers the following six master programs:

Mechanical Engineering

At TU Delft, the goal of the MSc Programme in Mechanical Engineering is to give students a broad and an in-depth understanding of all mechanical engineering disciplines. The programme trains engineers to handle the entire process of innovative thinking, design, manufacturing and operation.

The Master programme Mechanical Engineering offers vife tracks:

Marine Technology

In the programme, Marine Technology engineers acquire a thorough understanding of basic engineering sciences and marine technology disciplines, and develop multidisciplinary problem-solving skills.

The Masterprogramme Marine Technology offers two tracks:

Systems & Control

The programme addresses both fundamental and application-specific aspects, emphasizing the multidisciplinary character of the field; it gives attention to applications in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, applied physics, chemical and aerospace engineering. Combining the disciplines above results in an interdisciplinary approach, with attention given to modelling, experimental design, mathematical system theory, signal analysis and processing, model based control design, and hardware and software systems.

Biomedical Engineering

The TU Delft Master’s Programme in BioMedical Engineering is a multidisciplinary programme which aims to provide you with both an understanding of biology and medical theory and with highly specialised technical training in such fields as electrical, physics, material and mechanical engineering.

Materials Science

If asphalt could be designed so that it repaired itself, all that inconvenience and congestion that results from road repair would be a thing of the past. And if lighter materials could replace the current metals in auto bodies at an affordable price, far less fuel would be required to get from point A to point B. Those challenges are the sort that materials engineers and materials scientists confront every day in their work.

Offshore Engineering & Dredging

At TU Delft, the MSc Programme in Offshore Engineering & Dredging prepares skilled professionals for careers working on the design and development of all sorts of man-made structures and equipment for offshore use.

Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics

The Faculty of 3mE also participates in the master programme Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics.

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