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The Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE) offers three-year bachelor courses and two-year master courses. The bachelor courses are offered in Dutch, the master courses are taught in English.

Students become professionals
The faculty offers a cohesive programme in which students acquire technological (and possibly medical) knowledge whilst developing skills in communication, presentation, creativity and reflection. The students grow to become independent professionals with the knowledge and skills that enable them to take on the challenges of society. The programme offered at the Faculty of 3mE coaches school pupils as they grow to become students and, ultimately, professionals.

In addition to projects aiming at engineering design and skill training, the Bachelor's programme includes a wide variety of technical and mathematical courses, enabling students to gain a thorough grounding in their profession. The focus is on insight and understanding rather than learning facts. Within the projects, students learn to apply their knowledge, to engage in engineering design and to work together with colleagues. The Master's degree programme builds on and broadens this, focusing on fundamental knowledge and newer developments. In their final projects, students also learn to conduct independent research and contributing knowledge and innovations to the specialist field as fully-fledged engineers.

The Bachelor's degree programmes focus on education at a more general level, whereas Master's degree programmes involve specialisation with greater freedom of choice. The Bachelor's programmes offered by the Faculty of 3mE are intended as a qualification for the Master's programmes. However, since they are well constructed, cohesive programmes, it is also possible to go on to apply for a Master's degree programme at another faculty or university or to go straight into employment.

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