From keyhole to pinhole

"You cannot simply develop new technology and then check if it is suitable. You have to take the needs of the clinicians as your basis"...
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I really go for it

"What I’m doing now combines technology, innovation, design and the human body. It has everything,” she says...
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Keeping students on course

Professor Hans Hellendoorn is head of the Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC) and Director of Education...
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Procedures for new implants

Professor Edward Valstar carries out research into mechanical loosening of artificial hips and knees, his aim being to...
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Understanding microstructures of steel

Last year, Maria Santofimia won a European ERC Starters Grant as well as a Dutch innovation research incentive (vidi)...
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I just really enjoy the work

Control lies at the heart of the work of Frans van der Helm and his department – controlling people and equipment...
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Sustainable, small-scale and flexible

If we want to contribute to the future's energy supply we will need to conduct research on clean alternatives...
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Agile robots

A 'personal' robot for every household. This is the dream of Martijn Wisse of the Biorobotica laboratory....
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Developing processes to achieve specific purposes

The ultimate challenge for materials scientists is to construct materials with any characteristics they desire...
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Clever instruments and high-quality training simulators

Jenny Dankelman, professor in Biomechanical Engineering, dreams of a future...
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Collapsing buildings due to overheated steel a thing of the past

To develop fire-resistant steel you need to know exactly what happens to steel under high temperatures...
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Smart design tools are the future

Hans Hopman, Professor of Ship Design, is convinced of this. He believes that Dutch shipbuilders, with their focus on...
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The environment will become the limiting factor

This is according to Gabriël Lodewijks. He believes that environmental standards will determine what is and is not...
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