Research Exhibition

3mE Faculty well represented

at the TU Delft Research Exhibition

More than twenty 3mE researchers will be presenting their work during the TU Delft Research Exhibition to businesses, knowledge institutes, government institutes and other interested parties. Below you will find an overview of all the 3mE projects. In addition, Arjan Mol (MSE) and Amir Zadpoor (BME) will be providing a speed lecture about their research, and you will be able to join a 3mE backstage tour on 6 and 8 June. There will be tours on both days, one at 11 AM and one at 2 PM. Participation is free, but you must register.

For whom is the Research Exhibition intended?

  • Tuesday 6 June: businesses
  • Wednesday 7 June: knowledge and government institutes
  • Thursday 8 June: TU Delft employees and other interested parties


You can register here for the Research Exhibition. This link will also show you how to find our researchers.

More information about the speed lectures is available here.
Here is where you can find all information about the projects and the 3mE backstage tour.


Peter Naaijen

Real time accurate prediction of approaching waves and wave induced ship motions

Heike Vallery; Joost van der Weijde

Lightweight powered knee prostheses

Menno van der Horst

CrackGuard - Monitoring of cracks in steel structures

Jo Spronck; Stefan Lampaert

XY360 – Ferrofluid microscope stage

Paula van lieshout

4D Fatique

Paul Henselmans

Computer-free helical steering

Prakash Venkatesan

Electrochemical recycling of rare earth elements from electronic waste

Arjan Mol; Yaiza Gonzalez Garcia

Understanding what to do with corrosion

Wim-Paul Breugem

Modelling of heat and mass transfer in complex suspensions-from the micro to the macro scale

Burak Eral - Ivan Rehor

Decompostable micro barcodes

Murali Ghatkesar

Nano-pipette system for quick sample preparation in cryo-transmission electron microscope

Robert Hekkenberg; Rudy Negenborn; Klaas Visser

Autonomous sailing research at TU Delft

Roos Oosting; Jenny Dankelman

Global surgery equipment

Paolo Pozzi; Dean Wilding

Adaptive optices for fluorescence microscopy

Carlos Hernandez Corbato

ROS Industrial Europe

Temitope Agbana; Gleb Vdovine

Optical Smart Malaria Diagnost

Arjan Mol (3mE)

SPEEDLECTURE Li-based corrosion protective coating technology for aerospace applications

Amir Zadpoor (3ME)

SPEEDLECTURE 3D printed medical devices

IM Systems

Jack Schorsch

Paula van Lieshout, Mirek Kaminski


Aaike van Vugt


Jan Burgers

Burgers equation

Bram van Heel

Cladding fiber optic cables



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