Obituary notice professor Edward Valstar

18 May 2017 by Webredactie 3mE

Yesterday, the 3mE Faculty received the sad news that after losing an unfair battle our highly appreciated colleague professor Edward Valstar passed away on 17 May 2017 in Den Hoorn.

Edward Valstar
* 02-03-1970  -  † 17-05-2017

Edward, who was born in 1970 in The Hague and graduated as a mechanical engineer, was professor at the Department of Orthopaedics at the Leiden University Medical Center. There he was head of the Biomechanics and Imaging Group (BIG). At the Delft University of Technology, Edward was Antoni van Leeuwenhoek professor and worked at the Department of Biomechanical Engineering at the 3mE Faculty. His dual appointment means he belonged to the select group of what are called Medical Delta professors – professors who have combined expertise in technology and health care. Edward Valstar conducted research on the loosening of hip and knee replacement prostheses with the ultimate aim of making them last a lifetime. In 2007 he received a Vidi grant for the development of a minimally invasive technique for the refixation of loosened hip prostheses.

As a teacher, Edward was always closely involved with the Klinische Technologie bachelor programme. In March 2016, he became director of this programme. Unfortunately, Edward fulfilled this role for far too short a time. Edward was a friendly, warm and highly regarded colleague and instructor. His students remember him as a compelling man with a passion for his field and an inexhaustible enthusiasm. Edward was an inspiring speaker with a great sense of humour. Indeed, one statement that will never be forgotten by students in the bachelor programme Klinische Technologie was: ‘I am bi, bi-academic.’ This is what typified him as a professor at two universities, as it does clinical technology, a subject that cuts across two worlds.

Our thoughts are with Edward’s wife, children, family, friends, colleagues and students. We wish them all a great deal of strength to bear this loss.

There will be an opportunity to sign a book of condolence in the hall of the faculty.

Theun Baller
Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE)

DirkJan Veeger
Chair of the BioMechanical Engineering Department

Jaap Harlaar and Pleun Hermsen
Management Team of the Bachelor Klinische Technologie

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