The best Body-Powered Upper-Limb Prostheses of the future

23 February 2017 by Webredactie 3mE

Today’s Body-Powered Upper-Limb Prostheses could and should be much better, according to Mona Hichert, who will receive her PhD on Friday 24 February at 3mE’s Department of BioMechanical Engineering. In her dissertation, 'User Capacities and Operational Forces, Requirements for Body-Powered Upper-Limb Prostheses', Mona tells you everything about these body-powered upper-limb prostheses and the design requirements for optimal and satisfactory utilisation.

Mona Hichert on her dissertation:
‘My dissertation shows what is wrong with commercially available prostheses and what developers prostheses should focus on if they want to satisfy users so that more prostheses are actually used. Finally, I also appeal to clinicians who must realise when prescribing a prosthesis that not all prostheses are suitable for every individual, because as I have demonstrated there are major differences in user capacities.’

Read more about Mona’s dissertation here.

Click here to see a video by NPO De Buitendienst with an interview with Mona (in Dutch).

Photo: Jos Wassink

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