New Department of Cognitive Robotics (CoR)

08 June 2017 by Webredactie 3mE

On 1 July the new Department of Cognitive Robotics (CoR) will open at 3mE. This department will bring together important lines of research in the area of robotics from different 3mE departments in a single department. The department will be chaired by Robert Babuska.

CoR’s mission is to deliver excellent research in the area of machine perception, artificial intelligence, motion planning, dynamics, human-robot interaction and systems integration, with applications in robotics, the smart industry and intelligent vehicles. The research at CoR will implement new research methods in physical prototypes in order to provide realistic robotics solutions that can function in a complex human-inhabited environment.

The research will focus on (from left to right):

  • Learning and autonomous control (Robert Babuska)
  • Robot dynamics (Martijn Wisse)
  • Human-robot interaction (David Abbink)
  • Intelligent vehicles (Dariu Gavrila)

The CoR department will work closely with RoboValley, Delft Robotics Institute, Delft Transport Institute and thus with researchers from other faculties and universities.

The development of the CoR department is a logical and necessary move, according to Robert Babuska, in order to further strengthen cooperation in the area of robotics. ‘At CoR we are embarking on a joint mission to accelerate the development of robotics solutions in society. This is useful and desirable if we are to deliver on the promise of robotics,’ says Babuska.

For more information, please visit the CoR website.

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