Inaugural Speech prof. dr. D. M. Gavrila (3mE): The Intelligent Vehicles (R)evolution

31 May 2017 by Webredactie 3mE

On Friday June 23rd, professor Dariu Gavrila chairing the “Intelligent Vehicles” area will hold his Inaugural Speech on self-driving vehicles.

Self-driving vehicles – a topic that is subject of much public interest because of the rapid developments and its promise to transform future mobility.

Dariu has been with 3ME since April 2016 - his group’s experimental vehicle, a Toyota Prius equipped with smart cameras, is making its rounds around the faculty. Several questions will be addressed in his speech: Why does automated driving make sense? How does the technology work? What are the remaining research challenges and how can the newly founded Intelligent Vehicles group at TU Delft contribute? You are very welcome to attend at 15:00 in the aula.

Read more about Dariu Gavrila and the Intelligent Vehicles group.

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