Marine Technology’s floating hoist construction

28 June 2017 by Webredactie 3mE

On Friday 23 June, freshman students studying marine technology ended their year with the annual design day. After a few classes and a tour for parents, the students lowered their floating hoist constructions into a swimming pool.

The goal was to make the lightest possible design that can resist the greatest possible tensile strength.

The construction was fastened with a hook onto a cable that students could manually put under tension. Thus an increasingly greater force was pulling on the students’ design. One member of the group was allowed to fill the plastic vessels of the construction from the swimming pool to use them as ballast. That’s how he or she tried to keep the boat above water for as long as possible.

The greatest tensile strength was not a guarantee for victory: this was weighed against other factors, such as the weight of the design and the predictions that the students had made in advance based on their calculations. The winning construction weighed 12.45 kg and was able to bear a load of 118.4 kg. The students’ prediction that their boat could resist 119 kg was very close to the actual outcome.

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