16 March BioDayDelft

09 March 2017 by Webredactie 3mE

BioDayDelft will be held on 16 March, an afternoon full of biology-related research for students, researchers and professors from all faculties.

BioDayDelft is being organised by nine young scientists, including 3mE colleague Daniel Tam. ‘We noticed that our departments and faculties are conducting a great deal of biology-related research. The fact that these people are not in touch with each other often enough is a missed opportunity in my opinion.’

There is no faculty or department of biology at TU Delft. Yet many researchers are doing work in related areas, and we could be doing more to collaborate with each other. The goal of BioDayDelft is to bring people together so they can learn from each other and discover what happens on our campus. Increasingly, interdisciplinary collaboration is being encouraged, and fostering multidisciplinary research could prove beneficial in the future when seeking research funding. Participation in BioDayDelft can make a major contribution towards this. 

Come to BioDayDelft to share and hear about new and exciting science, be inspired, cross-fertilise and plant the seeds of the next generation of world-leading biology-related research at TU Delft. In addition to the event’s network and knowledge-sharing element, we will also socialize and celebrate the inauguration of the Beijerinck Museum in the Science Center, as part of the TU Delft 175 – Technology for Life festivities.

You can register for the second BioDayDelft by clicking on this link or the Register now tab on the BioDayDelft website. Registration is required and open to all members of the TU Delft community: from students (BSc, MSc, PhD) and postdocs to professors and support staff.


13:00     Registration in the Science Centre (Mekelzalen)
14:00     Opening statements by prof. em. Gijs Kuenen, followed by keynote address by prof. Ron Fouchier, Erasmus MC: ‘Virus discovery and characterization, a century after Beijerinck’
15:00     Poster soundbites
16:00     Poster session
17:15     Opening Beijerinck Museum
17:45     Poster prizes ceremony by Rector Magnificus Karel Luyben



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