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Self-driving vehicles to revolutionize our mobility by 2030

15 June 2017

Dariu Gavrila, professor in Intelligent Vehicles, will discuss the future of automated driving in his inaugural speech on Friday 23. Expectations are running high – current technology already covers 95 percent, according to Dariu, but ‘the last percentages are the hardest’.Continue


3mE Girls Challenge huge success

15 June 2017

Last Friday during the 3mE Girls Challenge, eighty tech girls in their fourth or fifth year of pre-university education tackled the mechanical engineering challenge of how to make a walking robot that is fast, inventive and sustainable. As inspiration, they were given a short class by Paul Breedveld, Paul Henselmans and Aimee Sakes experts in the field of bio-inspired technology.Continue


3mE-alumnus Leah Sosa wins the Marina van Damme Grand

14 June 2017

The Marina van Damme ceremony was very special this time. Because of the extra ordinary high level of nominees Marina van Damme decided to not give one Marina van Damme grant but two. Leah Sosa (alumnus 3mE/ Maritime Technology) and Jetty van Ginkel are the winners of the Marina van Damme grant 2017. Marina van Damme herself received the Kivi membership of honor.Continue


23 June: design day Marine Technology

14 June 2017

The integration project for freshmen Marine Technology students will close with the design day on Friday 23 June. These students have been working on a floating hoist construction that can lift the heaviest possible load. All the knowledge learned in the first year comes together in this project, from hydrostatics to the strength of materials. Continue


KT project ‘From Empathy to Innovation’

13 June 2017

Third-year students in the bachelor programme of Clinical Technology were recently asked to come up with medical-technical solutions for chronically ill patients that would improve the quality of their lives for the project ‘From empathy to Innovation.’ One project in particular stood out during the final symposium, which made the patient and the experts alike extremely enthusiastic about this...Continue


New Department of Cognitive Robotics (CoR)

08 June 2017

On 1 July the new Department of Cognitive Robotics (CoR) will open at 3mE. This department will bring together important lines of research in the area of robotics from different 3mE departments in a single department. The department will be chaired by Robert Babuska.Continue


Using chemistry to close the CO2 cycle

31 May 2017

Create fuels out of it, with the aid of green electricity - If we want to make the world more sustainable, then we need to find a solution for CO2. Professor Wiebren de Jong (TU Delft) from the Department of Process & Energy (Large-Scale Energy Storage section, LSE) is working hard on this problem.Continue


Inaugural Speech prof. dr. D. M. Gavrila (3mE): The Intelligent Vehicles (R)evolution

31 May 2017

On Friday June 23rd, professor Dariu Gavrila chairing the “Intelligent Vehicles” area will hold his Inaugural Speech on self-driving vehicles.Continue


Two Vidis for 3mE: Joost de Winter and Fritz Körmann

15 June 2017

Eight researchers from TU Delft, including two from the 3mE Faculty, namely Joost de Winter and Fritz Körmann, received a Vidi grant on 30 May for their research proposals. Continue

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