Here you find an overview with 3mE-research in publications, radio- and tv-broadcasts in the English language. If you want to read articles in Dutch you can click here.
Were you a guest on a radio- or tv-show or was your research published in a newspaper or (online) magazine. Please let us know: news-3me@remove-this.tudelft.nl


In the media

Mehdi Saffarian in Delta with research on brake lights

09 March 2017

Maintaining distance from the car in front of you improves safety, but it also reduces road capacity. An experimental new display promises higher traffic density as well as fewer collisions.(Photo: PhD thesis)Continue


Amir Zadpoor in tv program De Kennis van Nu

03 March 2017

The latest bone prosthetics are 3D-printed. They are custom made and have pores which are invaded by bone cells. An interview with materials scientist, Amir Zadpoor. Continue

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