Thesis defence G. Nanda: graphene

16 May 2017 | 15:00
location: Aula, TU Delft

Electronic Transport in Helium Beam Modified Graphene and Ballistic Josephson Junctions. Promotor: L.M.K. Vandersypen (TNW).Continue


Jacobus van 't Hoff Lecture 2017 - Frances Arnold

16 May 2017

‘Innovation by Evolution: Expanding the Enzyme Universe’by Frances Arnold(California Institute of Technology, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in Pasadena).Continue


Thesis defence P.B. Pisupati: tunnel-boring machine

22 May 2017 | 10:00
location: Aula, TU Delft

Seismic Waveform Inversion. Bump Functional, Parameterization Analysis and Imaging of a Tunnel-Boring Machine. Promotor: Prof.dr. W.A. Mulder (CiTG).Continue


Thesis defence M. Li: thermosets

22 May 2017 | 12:30
location: Aula, TU Delft

Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Semi-aromatic Polyamide Thermosets. Promotor: Prof.dr. T.J. Dingemans (LR/TNW).Continue


Thesis defence B.E. Tidball: crowdsourcing

22 May 2017 | 15:00
location: Aula, TU Delft

CROWDSOURCING: Fast Abundant Flexible User Research for Design. Promotor: Prof.dr. P.J. Stappers (IO).Continue


Thesis defence J.M. Mayer: brain networks

24 May 2017 | 10:00
location: Aula, TU Delft

The Relation Between Structure and Function in Brain Networks. Promotor 1: P.F.A. Van Mieghem (EWI), Promotor 2: Prof.dr. C.J. Stam (VU Amsterdam).Continue


Thesis defence D. Kasraian Moghaddam: travel behaviour

24 May 2017 | 12:30
location: Aula, TU Delft

Transport Networks, Land Use and Travel Behaviour: a Long Term Investigation. Promotor: Prof.dr. G.P. van Wee (TBM).Continue


Thesis defence T. Mathijssen: fluid dynamics

29 May 2017 | 10:00
location: Aula, TU Delft

Experimental observaion of non-ideal compressible fluid dynamics. Promotor 1: P. Colonna (LR), Promotor 2: Prof.dr. A. Guardone (Politecnico di Milano).Continue


Thesis defence A.U.N. Srirangam Narashiman: energy services

29 May 2017 | 12:30
location: Aula, TU Delft

Personalized Energy Services. Promotor: Prof.dr. K.G. Langendoen (EWI).Continue


TU Delft Research Exhibition

6 June 2017 - 8 June 2017
location: TU Delft

6, 7 and 8 June 2017 the largest Scientific Expo of the Netherlands will take place at the Delft University of Technology. After the positive response to the first Research Exhibition in 2014 and the Research Exhibition teaser edition in 2016, we are preparing an extra large edition during the celebration of TU Delft’s 175th anniversary in 2017.Continue


Workshop 'The Future of Cumulus Parametrization'

10 July 2017 | 9:00 - 14 July 2017 | 18:00
location: Aula Congress Centre, TU Delft

The purpose of the workshop is to discuss progress, challenges and future directions of the representation of atmospheric convection in weather and climate models. The 4.5-day workshop will discuss all aspects of our ability to observe, understand, model and parametrize the key aspects of cumulus convection. Continue


Summer School on “Sea-level change: observations, processes and modelling”

28 August 2017 - 1 September 2017
location: TU Delft Campus

This Summer School will provide Ph.D. students and junior scientists specializing in sea level research with a basic introduction to the dynamics of current and future sea level change and to state-of-the-art tools to measure and project it. The different contributors to global and regional sea level change will be presented by world-leading experts. The School has a strong component on “handson”...Continue

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