175th Anniversary

Friday 13 January was the big day: during the Dies Natalis, festivities began to celebrate TU Delft’s 175th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, Delft will devote itself for 175 days to the theme ‘Technology for Life’: technology inspired by nature, which enhances our understanding of all things living and the quality of our lives. Various activities will be held for and by students, staff, alumni, businesses and the citizens of Delft from 13 January to 6 July. Needless to say, 3mE will be there too! We are currently working hard on the details of our participation.

As soon as we’re done, we’ll post our activities on the website for the anniversary programme. Here’s an idea of some of the activities we’re organising:

Design competition Robohopper

Every year our Faculty organises a design competition for freshman mechanical engineering students. Because of the TU Delft lustrum “Technology for Life”, there is a special edition of this design competition. Students will create a robohopper, a jumping-robot, inspired by jumping creatures in nature. The design competition will take place on 21 June. Read more

Film festival

TU Delft Technology for Life Film Festival – various 3mE scientists at the Lumen movie theatre, 8 - 14 June 2017
Films about science in the Lumen movie theatre in Delft. Scientists introduce films and stay on afterwards to discuss the film’s theme.
See the list of films here.

TU Delft Research Exhibition

Many 3mE researchers are participating in the three-day TU Delft Research Exhibition, the largest scientific exhibition in the Netherlands, which this year boasts 175 visual and interactive research projects. Find out here which people from 3mE will be presenting their research. Visitors from the business sector can join a campus tour of 3mE. This tour will guide participants along our faculty’s most important and interesting facilities and research set-ups.

Super Hero Science

Have you ever heard of Barry Fitzgerald? He is a researcher at P&E and is also involved in Super Hero Science. At the IFOT he will explain what the plausible science is behind the immortal, airborne, superfast and invisible super heroes and their gadgets. Barry and six top-notch speakers will talk about Spiderman’s ‘spider silk’, which we can create today, and about ‘bulletproof human skin’, which could be the basis for a real Iron Man.

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