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Research group Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE)

Chair: Prof.dr. Urs Staufer

Welcome to the website of the research group Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE)

Our goal is to develop the nanoengineering discipline by pairing basic nanoscience with engineering and production concepts. The Laboratory for Micro and Nano Engineering therefore conducts:

  • Experimental, interdisciplinary research on instrumentation for manipulating, modifying and analyzing objects at the nanometer scale range
  • Design and analysis studies for very large scale integrated (VLSI) micro-systems and implementations thereof
  • Research on fundamentals of assembly techniques for building systems and devices from functional building blocks and components
  • Experimental evaluations of novel assembly and packaging processes for industrial applications.



The MNE group contributes to the education in the Bachelor, Master and PhD program. The group provides lectures on physics, measurement techniques, micro & nano system design and fabrication, micro-assembly, and production techniques.


  • MNE education


The research of MNE focuses on the engineering challenges required for extreme miniaturisation to the small (micro) scale and to achieve systems with high (nano) precision. Our research topics span from measuring and manipulating materials at the nanometer scale, to the design of reliable microsystems and alignment and assembly at the micro-scale. 


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